BoyGroove across Alberta!

Calgary. Playing in Mount Royal's Wright Theatre. April 14-16


Thursday the 14th @ 7:30PM

Friday the 15th @ 7:30PM

Saturday the 16th @ 2:30PM & 7:30PM


Edmonton. Playing at The Catalyst Theatre. April 21-30


Thursday April 21st @ 7:30PM

Friday April 22nd @ 7:30PM

Saturday April 23rd @ 2:00PM & 7:30PM

Sunday April 24th @ 2:00PM & 7:30PM

Monday April 25th- NO SHOW

Tuesday April 26th @ 7:30 PM

Wednesday April 27th @ 7:30PM

Thursday April 28th @ 7:30PM

Friday April 29th @ 7:30PM

Saturday April 30th @ 2:00PM & 7:30PM


Fort McMurray. Playing in Keyano College's Recital Theatre. May 5-7


Thursday May 5th @ 7:30PM

Friday May 6th @ 7:30PM

Saturday May 7th @ 2:00PM & 7:30PM


Friday, March 25, 2011

Imma Slap your T***ies with my Gun

Dear World, or the wide wide web

Kevin here, sorry I haven't written you recently I've been super busy with rehearsal and stuff, also I had to appear at four sweet sixteen birthday parties this last week.

I just want to talk about this rapper "Hyptastic" for a second. First of all "Imma slap your titties with my gun" is NOT a name for a hit single! and secondly, there is no way it should be above us on the charts.

I really think Hyptastic needs to just take a step back and chill out. How can people be interested in buying his music when all he talks about is KILLING and getting laid. They should really buy our music, which is about LOVING and getting laid.

Oh and when he said in the paper that he saw me walk out of the bathroom with another dude, first of all it was a PUBLIC bathroom, and secondly I did not put his penis in my mouth. Well, to be fair there were four urinals free, and he went in the one beside me, and maybe my eyes kind of you know, looked over a little bit, but I was just curious is all. That's not gay... right?

Anyways Hypetastic you are out of line,

...and I'm going off-line.

Peace residents of the world wide web.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When I Dance I POUNCE!

When you see Kevin at our concert, doing the wrong dance combinations like an idiot:

Ask him if he is still winning!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Choreographer Speaks!

I really don't get it. I really dont.
We all know the expression "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life"
Simple enough concept I should say. 
I've never been fishing in my life, but if fishing was dancing, these boys would be starving to death. I've never seen so many left feet in one room. 

Well, lets just say there is alot of work to be done. These boys are not nearly in the shape I would like them to be in, so starting tomorrow will we be running 5 miles a day and they will consume nothing but protein shakes, and meal replacement bars, and occasionally sharing one of those meals with a toilet.

Carl says he sees the potential, but all I see is a bunch of eye candy that couldn't do a push turn, jete, Ronde de Jambe to save their life!
Well that Lance fellow has something going for him, so I exclude him from my previous comments. And... well now that I think about it, Jon has some street moves that I have never seen before, and hunny his triceps are to die for!! All rippling muscles aside, I had better get back to "choreographing" these little panty wetters.

Claude out.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog Entry - Kevin

Hello to everyone out there in the World of the World Wide Web! This is Kevin and I’m coming to you live from my computer! Well, I guess live is a relative term here on the internet. I’m writing this right now while I’m alive, and it’s happening live, so does that mean that this is live? And what does it really mean to be alive anyways when you get to the core of it. I just keep on loving and that keeps me living.

Anyways hello Inter-World!

I was in the studio today working on some new tracks for upcoming tour. Well me and the band, we were just sitting there jamming. So I’m blasting my booming voc’s while piano chick was slapping the ivories, and bass guy was tickling the bass and I just got to say that we are making some of the best music of our careers. And it’s thanks to all of you, our loyal fans. I want to give special props to piano chick and bass guy, I probably could have done it without you, but you guys were still totally cool.

Until next time Inter-World, this is Kevin telling you to stay off drugs!

Oh Ya and downloading music is totally not cool!! :-(


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blog Entry - Lance

I'm really excited about this Boygroove thing. I've been in a rut for some time now, and it's been really hard to get back on my feet. 
I've kind of felt lost this past year, not really knowing where I want to be, but meeting these guys and getting to know them on a personal level has really brightened my spirits. They understand who I am, and I thank the lord every day for guiding me in the right direction. Without his help I would be busking on the streets of Vancouver, trying to do the "musician thing". 
I'm thinking all of us are going to be really good friends, I can't wait to be on the road with the boys. 
I've never been on a tour bus before, but I imagine it's something like you would see on MTV or something.
Anyway, I should probably get to sleep. We have our first dance rehearsal tomorrow morning. The choreographer seems really nice.

God Bless,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Entry - Andrew

Wow!  I am so amazed at how far we have come along in only a few short days of rehearsing together.  I'm getting a really good vibe from these guys and I know we will make great music together.  Although, Jon seems to be a bit of a negative nelly some days, but I am sure I can swing him around.  I am most excited for what we will be able to give back!  I have so many ideas for ways we can use or famousness to help the environment and all those poor people.  I personally have no experience being poor but I can imagine it would be terrible, and if I had the choice between living poor or death my choice would obviously be the latter.  Therefore, I find people living below the poverty line yet still finding the drive to not kill themselves very inspiring, and I think we should recognize this more as a society.  I plan on starting a program called "Homeless Brothers", where a homeless person (or brother) get assigned to a normal person and takes them out for a "day in the life".  Wether it's stealing to survive, selling crack, or just panhandling for a chance to score a fix; these normal people will soon see how much being homeless sucks and hopefully will deter anyone from thinking about taking that gamble and trying the homeless route. Anyways, I am starting to ramble on!  I have to get ready for choreography this afternoon and then I have a benefit gala appearance tonight for "Global Warming, Global Warning".


Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Entry - Jon

I think this tour is going to be a major success, especially for my abs. At 150 sit-ups every morning I’m energized to sing at my fullest capacity. Andrew has been showing me a few yoga moves and Lance has been leading us in breathing exercises, which makes us pretty much invincible. The new songs are really coming along. I find the guys are great to work with, except for most of the time they’re not. The harmonies are getting tight and the choreo is right up my alley, straight from the ghetto. Oh and we’re getting a new pimped out tour bus! Killer. 


Thursday, March 3, 2011

BoyGroove is Back!

BoyGroove here!

Rehearsals are in full swing for our spring tour, and the only thing more important than our music is you! The fans.  Well because without you we wouldn't have money for things, and doing a show for an empty concert hall is lame as tits.  (Screw off Andrew I'm saying tits, it's not offensive)

We are starting our tour in Canada! (Because Carl says we aren't ready for anywhere important yet)
The dates will be listed at the top of the Blog.

Hearing your screams and watching you fight over our sweaty t-shirts is something that we have really missed and those memories are pushing us to work really hard in rehearsal.  We are trying our best to stay away from illegal drugs, and instead just pay doctors for prescriptions.  Lance wants us to tell you that he doesn't do drugs.. and he is a big queer-bag. (AM NOT!!!!)

Would love to write more but we promised we would make an appearance at a certain celebrities party, let's just say she is on the right track ...and born that way.